21.11.2020, NSi

»The NSi digital congress proves that we are a modern and open party. However, I do miss your closeness, dear friends! I believe the sun always shines after the rain. Together, we will overcome the tough challenges of the time,« said NSi President Matej Tonin in his congress speech.

Nova Slovenija remains close to the people even in this crisis
He touched on the covid-19 epidemic which completely changed the world in a few months and thanked medical staff and everyone who responsibly gave up the small things and joys that were enriching their everyday life.

He pointed out that the epidemic unfortunately made it completely impossible for many companies to do business. »It’s about hundreds of tragic stories of ordinary people. But life will return to normal after the end of the epidemic. Restaurants, bars, hairdressers, shops will open again. But until then we must enable them to retain staff and to survive. Our responses must be determined, swift and supportive. Nova Slovenija remains close to the people even in this crisis.«

We are looking for opportunities to cooperate and not to create new divisions
He emphasized that Nova Slovenija entered the government out of resposibility to the people and the country. »We have an excellent young and energetic ministerial team. Minister of Labour Janez Cigler Kralj embodies calmness, professionalism and human warmth. Minister of Infrastructure Jernej Vrtovec is building Slovenia for the future. Our members of parliament, led by Jožef Horvat, are distinguished by well-argued and high-quality debates. I would like to thank all my colleagues and all our predecessors who believed in the young team and entrusted us with this responsible task,« said NSi President.

He called for a policy of cooperation and urged the opposition to end the destructive stance during the epidemic.

»I do not find opposition’s clumsy attempts to overthrow the government at the time of the greatest challenges in the independent Slovenia sensible. Citizens expect serious and hard work for the benefit of our country. I would like to see the opposition support the government’s efforts to tackle the epidemic effectively. Once the situation calms down, there will be ample opportunities for repeated attempts of resigned politicians. They will have enough time to search for the towel they threw in,« added NSi President.

The whole Congress is avaliable in Slovenian: