21.11.2020, NSi

In the first talk World after covid-19 we hosted five eminent guests: Matej Avbelj, PhD, Jure Leskovec, PhD, Verica Trstenjak, PhD, Žiga Turk, PhD and Matej Tušak, PhD.

The introductory part of the talk was about the ways the epidemic affected different spheres of society. The guests explained in what aspects the crisis changed our world. Mr Turk spoke about the economic crisis and whether the age of democracy will play a role in how quickly individual countries will emerge from the crisis. Mr Tušak touched on the psychological consequences of the epidemic, Mrs Trstenjak spoke about human rights and measures against the spread of infections, Mr Avbelj commented on the accussations that some measures include undemocratic features.

The first talk is avaliable in Slovenian:

In the second part of the talk, the professors spoke about the opportunities that will open up after the epidemic ends and how our society will look like once covid-19 truly becomes a thing of the past.

In the second congress talk Coronacrisis – a challenge to rebuild our health system the guests, Tina Bregant, PhD, Tomaž Gornik and Federico Potočnik spoke about the heathcare system of today and what needs to be changed to make it better.

The guests pointed out the problems of the healthcare system in Slovenia, how this system is facing covid-19 and why the waiting times are getting longer. They are convinced that many changes will have to be made after the epidemic in order for Slovenian healthcare to function better in the next similar crisis.

The second talk is avaliable in Slovenian:

In the third and last talk Covid-19 as an opportunity for Slovenian economy Martin Jezeršek, Jure Knez, PhD, Mateja Ribič and Janez Šušteršič, PhD took part. All of them presented their assessments of where the Slovenian economy stands today.

Mr Jezeršek pointed out that the consequences of the epidemic are the worst in the hospitality industry. Mr Knez explained why some of the companies have adapted well to the epidemic and what the Slovenian economy can learn from this epidemic. Mr Šušteršič described some further solutions for the recovery of the Slovenian economy and underlined that in our country entrepreneuership should be valued better.

The third talk is avaliable in Slovenian: